Backlash Against Consent Pop-ups Is a Misleading Argument | Adweek

Kacy Burdette

The future is zero- and first-party data. Audiences must regain a central role in the digital advertising ecosystem. But the industry is facing one of its biggest challenges to date, and it’s not on the technical and regulatory fronts.

There is a clash between the need to regain credibility by embracing society’s expectations and perceptions around privacy, understanding how they are affecting interactions with the audience and the long-term wellbeing and prosperity of the sector vs. the selfish agendas of those who don’t want evolution and progress to disrupt their business models.

Despite the innovation coming from across the spectrum, from ad tech to advertisers, to media brands, part of the digital advertising industry keeps an approach that observers perceive as insensitive to societal evolution, reactionary and self-interested, with the consequence of hindering the efforts of the whole sector to relaunch its own image as transparent and user centric.

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Originally published at on April 20, 2022.



Media and advertising. Data, audience and monetisation strategies.

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