An audience only exists if advertising technology can track it

Alessandro De Zanche
2 min readJun 24, 2021
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Apple is not destroying digital advertising, it is killing a certain interpretation of it.

In fact, it seems that an audience only exists if ad tech can track it. It doesn’t matter if, as in the case of Apple devices, it represents some of the wealthiest online users.

This topic has always fired me up since the spotlight on IDFA and Apple’s ITP. It shows everything wrong with a certain approach to digital advertising.

It is evident that a media monetisation strategy within a reinvented digital advertising ecosystem can be successful only with a more holistic approach and knowledge encompassing the whole essence of the environment the advertising is displayed in: content creation, marketing, advertising, legal.

Leaving it to some narrow vision of a certain ad tech world anchored to the old concept of the programmatic open marketplace means missing on a lot of engagement and revenue opportunities, for consumer and media brands.

Ironically, the only advantage of this narrow vision is that the damage, when looking from that narrow point of view, cannot be tracked: hence, for them, it didn’t happen…

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