A better future for data in media and advertising

Photo by Tomasz Frankowski on Unsplash

That part of the advertising industry that was born and existed on third-party cookies and tracking is trying to persuade the rest that the future is all doom and gloom.

The future of data in media, marketing and advertising is exciting, because policies and technologies will reward and boost those companies investing on communication and engagement with their audience and clear, transparent strategies where the user is embraced, rather than exploited.

A long-term strategy of co-creation and value exchange vs the short-term tactic of data grabbing, and a barrier to entry protecting quality media and advertising environments.

There is a big “but”, though: it is an opportunity which comes with vast individual responsibilities. It requires media owners focusing on strategies that shape the future rather than sellotape the past. Strategies that are generated from the inside their organisations, rather than imposed from the outside.



Media and advertising. Data, audience and monetisation strategies.

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